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We provide you with ethnic jewelery and costume jewelery made of silver and gems, both for women and men.

Handmade jewelry from the East: India, Nepal, Tibet, Afghanistan, Turkey, Thailand…

Jewelery are part of the thousand-year-old tradition of humanity. In the East, the oriental, baroque, ornate and exotic ethnic design has been kept today. Precious stones and gems made of noble materials, in gold and silver. India is the great jewelery power, especially Rajasthan where goldsmiths and jewelers come together to produce jewelery of amazing ethnic color, using gold or silver as a base to mount Hindu-style jewelery with precious stones, such as sapphire, diamond, rubies, emeralds , gems or semi-precious stones, such as jade, lapislazuli, topaz, etc.

The jewelry of Nepal and Tibet is rooted in the religious and tribal tradition of the Himalayas. Silver predominates and semi precious stones, turquoise, ancient coral and lapis lazuli too.

The jewelry of Afghanistan has directly received the eastern influence of the plains of India and the Arab of Muslim origin. Being a tribal culture, as in all of Asia, jewelry has always been a symbol of power and wealth for the woman who wears a jewel, whether in a bracelet, earrings or necklaces. Afghan jewelry is characterized by fine silver work inlaid with lapis lazuli, fossil coral and turquoise.

The noble jewelry of Thailand and Laos is well known for the use of silver in sheets of coral, lapis lazuli and semi-precious gems.

We offer jewelry in our online store, such as necklaces, pendants, earrings, silver bracelets and handcrafted gems, both modern and ancient: Perfect for a gift, to enhance feminine beauty or as a sign of originality due to its ethnic style and colors, both for the man as for the woman.

Necklaces and pendants made in India, Nepal, Tibet, Bali.

Made of silver and precious stones; such as rock crystal jade, rubies, topaz, labradorite, turquoise, coral, lapis lazuli, rose quartz, amber, etc.

Ethnic earrings made of silver and semi-precious stones and gems.

The predominant element in our products is carved silver plus exotic gems and semi precious stones, with traditional ancient designs from Asian countries. Top tier design and extreme quality. You can see the products that we sell down below.

Ethnic bracelets and bangles from India, Tibet, Laos.

Beautiful ethnic bracelets made in silver with semi precious stones and gems.

If you want to see our ethnic jewelry section, click on the following link: https://decoracion-arabe.com/tienda/joyas/joyas-etnicas/

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