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We offer you cheap Moroccan puffs made of leather at the best price online.

Puffs from Arabia, India and Morocco. Niger

leather arabian moroccan pouf
Moroccan leather pouff

Moroccan and Arab artisan Moroccan leather pouffes are essential elements in Arab home decoration, whether in the living room or bedroom. We sell puffs of different prices and geometric shapes, with smooth, ethnic designs. You can buy Moroccan or Arab bean bags made of leather, sheep, cow or camel. It has multiple uses such as a seat, merely decorative for your living room, as a footrest or allowing you to rest your back as if they were several cushions, etc. They are sold online with or without filling and we export them from the city of Marrakech. From the smallest to the largest, we have the most suitable one for you. If you cannot find the one you are looking for, you can send us an email and we will give you the best price. Shipping in 24 hours.

We have also added spherical Moroccan, Oriental and Indian puff in various colors, made of very resistant fabric and extremely comfortable. Start now decorating your home with handmade products of the best quality.

You can buy puffs in African leather, from the Niger Tuareg tribes. Excellent finish and color, with beautiful ethnic shapes from Africa.

Moroccan pouf in camel skin
African Niger leather pouf
Indian vegetable woven puff
Niger leather cushion

If you want to see more models of puff, you can click on the following link :

If you are interested in buying, we inform you that we ship worldwide.

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