Moroccan ceramic washbasin from fez

Moroccan ceramics for the home



Moroccan ceramics are rich and varied, with a long tradition of

craftsmanship inherited from Andalusian Arab ceramics and their own

ceramic tradition.

Currently, Moroccan ceramics have known how to renew and adapt to

modernity, changing to flat colors, introducing metallic elements, such

as chrome nickel or brass, that adorn their shapes with bright flat


The great ceramic poles are called Fez, where cobalt blue colors

predominate, with floral or geometric shapes. Marrakesh where artisan

potters make pieces of glazed pottery in bright and cheerful colors. Also

noteworthy is the raw pottery in kiln clay color, where flower pots, jars,

and barbecue ovens stand out. Safi, a great ceramic producer with a

long tradition, produces a fairly cheerful and colorful ceramic with very

original and modern shapes, where flat colors predominate, such as

yellow, red, light green.

In all Moroccan ceramics the forms are adapted to domestic use,

without forgetting that these ceramic pieces serve as ornaments and

decoration in the home. The originality of the designs are expressed in

various uses, such as large plates to serve food, or to hang on the wall,

Tíbor or butter dishes, they are jars with a lid to store food, currently

used as a decorative element. Large salad bowls or soup bowls,

vessels for storing liquids, decorative amphorae, etc. Also the tiles,

mosaics and hydraulic tiles that adorn the walls and floors of houses,

mosques and palaces, where ceramics are joined with the use of

architecture, as well as the splendid gardens and fountains made of

mosaic and wrought iron feet

Don’t miss the mosaic tables for outdoor, terrace, garden, etc.

Moroccan ceramics, in short, are useful for domestic or decorative use,

combined with all the colors and their original shapes,

it is veryattractive to have a ceramic piece in your home.

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