andalusian arabic decoration tea room

Moroccan arab teapots, glasses, sugar bowls and trays


Decorate your tea shop in the Moroccan Arabic style

Online store where you can buy cheap: Moroccan teapots, Arab glasses, trays for Moorish tea, Arab mosaic tables, wood. You can see our products of Arab and Moroccan crafts related to tea shops. The world of tea and its accessories: such as Arab and Moroccan trays to serve Moorish and Oriental tea, also Arab tables to decorate the house to the taste of Moroccan and Arab crafts made of brass with beautiful geometric patterns, both gold and silver , with different measures and at a good price; The most durable Moorish teapots in nickel silver or steel, the Andalusian ones in ceramic, or in cast iron from the Far East; China and Japan. Big variety of Arabic and Moroccan glasses in sets of boxes of 6 glasses beautifully drawn and of different colors to make the tea ceremony more colorful and ethnic, if you want to see the next section of Arab, Andalusian, Chinese, green and black teas, you can complete this world of tea, for your satisfaction or for a gift. If you visit the tearoom decoration section, you will see the wonders that we can decorate, with the pure Arab, Moroccan, or more broadly oriental style.

We can also decorate an Arabic teahouse for you with everything you need, from Moroccan tiles, wooden tables or mosaic tables, decorative wall fabrics, ceiling lattices, screens, and everything for the suggestive world of tea and infusions, glasses, teapots, trays, sugar bowls… etc.

You can check the beautiful tearooms that we have decorated here:

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