andalusian door


Moorish Arabic door

Model A-12 (99 x 211) Sheet: 82 x 203 cm.1990€

Decorate your house with an exterior door in the Andalusian Arab style, you will surprise guests and friends. This door made of pine wood and wrought iron hardware gives solidity and elegance, representation to your house.

Model A-12

(99 x 211)door leaf: 82 x 203 cm. 1990€

Moorish Arab wooden door for the exterior, rustic Andalusian style, made of top quality Nordic pine wood with forged nails.

(170 x 250)
Hoja: 92,5 x 210 cm.

Model A-11

Modelo A-12(170 x 250) Sheet: 92.5 x 210 cm. €4205

Rustic wooden door in Andalusian Arabic style. Comares

CHARACTERISTICS :Made with top quality wild pine wood from Sweden Direct frame 95 x 95 mm carved molding. Three-point security lock. Special open pore treatment for exteriors and waxed walnut finish. Rubber gasket embedded in the frame profile. Handcrafted wrought iron fittings depending on the model. Automatic windbreak brand HSS Product

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