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We offer you Indian style lamps made in golden metal and painted in white pickled, filled with delightfully crafted Indian floral and geometric ornaments, which we drawn with the most modern laser techniques. They will add a captivating lighting in your home, projecting the traditional Indian forms on the walls, the space of the living room (table, ceiling, etc.) or the garden of your home.

Indian table lamps, including tall ones, can be placed on the floor, in the living room, in the garden…. perfect for your entrance hall, stairs or large spaces such as hotel entrances…

Table lamp from India.

Table lamp from India

– India lamp brass for outdoors

-Arabic table lamp India

lampara india latón de mesa
Arabic table lamp India

Indian table lamp Krisna

135,00 €

This Indian table lamp is painted in white pickled with gold background and made of thick gilded brass. Decorate your walls with oriental arabesques now, pure Indian style.

It can also be placed on the ground because of its height (75 cm) and its solidity allows it to be placed indoors, in a covered garden or terrace. Electrical installation is included.

Measurements: 75 cm high x 22 cm wide.

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lámpara árabe Mandala india
Indian table lamp Mumbay

Indian table lamp Mumbay

190,00 €

Indian table lamp, pure traditional Indian style. It is crafted with solid brass and the outside is painted with a white pickled finish. It can be placed on the floor because of its great height. The surface shows the golden tones of the brass, as you can see in the pictures. It comes with its corresponding electrical installation.

Dimensions: 70 cm high x 30 cm wide.

lámpara mesa de india
India Goa table lamp

India Goa table lamp

130,00 €

Indian table lamp in oriental style, made of brass sheet. It showcases a beautiful floral pattern, which is 100% laser made. Come and fill your home with Indian decorations right now. It will definitely change your vibe. Comes with its corresponding electrical installation with switch included.

India Goa table lamp

130,00 €

Ceiling lamps.

Ceiling lamps in pure Indian style, showcasing elegance and refinement.

India ceiling lamp Jaipur

lámpara estilo indio

India ceiling lamp Jaipur

145,00 €

The Jaipur Ceiling Lamp is an elegant lamp in Indian style, beautifully crafted in solid brass, with black pickled outside, mixing both gold and dark tones softly. Comes with a chain to attach it to the ceiling.

Measurements: 75 cm x 30 cm.

lampara techo India Minarete
ceiling lamp India Minaret

India Minaret ceiling lamp

149,00 €

Indian lighting for the home

ndian lighting for the home.

Elongated Indian ceiling lamp, made in solid brass and arabesque filigree drawing, with golden metal sheet in white pickled colour. The golden colours are present between the white colour, giving a refined and luxurious vibe to your room. Electrical installation included

We ship the lamps all over the world

Measurements: 90 cm high x 20 cm wide.

Delivery in 24 hours, sale on line

ceiling lamp India Varanasi

Benares Indian lamp

180,00 €

This beautiful Indian ceiling lamp is made in solid brass and arabesque drawing composed by a delicate filigree pattern, made in white pickled golden metal sheet. The beautiful golden tones can be found between the white, flawlessly finished. Electrical installation included

Measurements: 80 cm high x 30 cm wide.

Indian ceiling lamp, Colonial style

Indian table lamp Krisna
Indian ceiling lamp, Colonial style

140,00 €

Indian colonial style ceiling lamp made in golden brass and gingerly painted in white. Beautiful Indian floral design. Give a refined and luxurious touch to your home now: living room, entrance, stairs, etc.

Measures: 37 cm x 32 cm x 58 cm.

We ship the lamps all over the world

Indian Kerala pendant lamp

Indian pendant lamp Kerala

85,00 €

Indian ceiling lamp made in the purest Indian style, with beautiful mandala patterns, made of brass and painted in antique white. Perfect finish, laser-cutted and made with the thickest brass. Comes with matching electrical installation. Buy the best quality online.

Measurements: 50 cm x 25 cm.

We ship the lamps all over the world

Large pendant lamp from India Madras

Large pendant lamp from India Madras

.This Indian pendant lamp is made in white pickled colour and has a golden background, ideal for your hall, living room or bedroom. It presents an arabesque openwork pattern in pure Indian style. Made in thick brass painted in white pickled with golden background. Comes with a chain and lampshade to insert it in the ceiling and its corresponding electrical installation (without bulb).

Measurements: 80 cm high x 45 cm wide.

Indian ceiling lamp Calcutta

Indian ceiling lamp Calcutta

85,00 € – 120,00 €

Decorative India ceiling lamp imported from India, perfect for your living room, kitchen or bathroom. It is painted in white and its background is made of painted gold stripes. Comes with a lampshade to insert it into the ceiling and electrical installation.

Two measures: Small: 40 cm x 27 cm, € 85. Large: 55 cm x 35 cm: € 120.

We ship the lamps all over the world

Mandala Indian Arabian table lamp

Arabic Indian Mandala lamp

210,00 €

White table lamp made of brass, perfectly finished and very solid. The beauty of the lamp resided in the latticework with rosettes, showcasing the original style of Indian mandalas. Made of quite solid material and carefully finished.

Comes with its corresponding electrical installation.

Measurements: 85 cm high x 29 cm each side.

We ship the lamps all over the world

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