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How to decorate your home in the Moroccan Arabic style


The Arab and Moroccan world surprises us with its colours, smells, flavours and the decoration of its palaces, riads, courtyards and gardens. Elegant and colourful furniture, tables, tables, tables, painted with bright colours and hand-painted Berber carpets that adorn the floors and Kilims on the walls.

To decorate the ceiling we can decorate them with lanterns and lanterns of coloured glass and brass reflecting beautiful arabesque designs on the walls. Ceiling lights and wall lights with openwork floral and geometric lattice patterns, producing a beautiful, warm and intimate atmosphere. Its lighting will fascinate us with its baroque and zen style at the same time.

Ceramic plates decorated with blue or multicoloured colours from Fez, with geometric or floral patterns.

Moroccan-style sofas carved in wood or drawn in strong and sensual colours. Curtains that give warmth and sumptuousness to the living room or bedroom.

The wooden lattices and screens with their geometric or floral designs, ideal for separating spaces and creating atmospheres in the living room, or as a bed headboard, or for windows or balconies.

Not forgetting the mirrors with original designs in gold or silver-plated brass with an alpaca-like shine, or the hand-chiselled mirrors with patiently carved arabesque patterns giving a feeling of spaciousness in the interior.

For the exterior we have the Arab world’s love of water running in mosaic fountains and tiles. Pylons or ponds in the courtyard or garden, on the other hand we have the mosaic tables to enjoy a nice lunch, dinner or a pleasant after-dinner Moorish tea with its alpaca tea set and beautiful glasses.

In the evening we can enjoy the illumination of the terrace, patio or garden with candle-lit glass or wrought iron lanterns.

We can decorate with beautiful tiles and mosaics the skirting boards of our walls with Andalusian ceramic designs inspired by those found in the Alhambra, or decorate our living room and our home with dishes, amphorae and jars of Andalusian Andalusian ceramics, colourful and elegant in beautiful harmony of colours.

Another decorative element, sober and full of personality, are the cordobanes and guadamecíes giving a touch of luxury, elegance and colour to the decoration of Andalusian Arab inspiration to your home.

In short, we invite you to a beautiful and suggestive decorative world full of colour and enjoyment of the senses in your home.

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