In this blog we publish articles of informative interest related to the articles that we sell in Arabic decoration. Going beyond the commercial and entering into the cultural and ethnic.

Andalusian Charming bathrooms

Charming bathrooms To start assembling your Andalusian-Arab ceramic bathroom, we have Moroccan tiles for the home. These tiles and mosaics inspired by the Andalusian Arab tradition, made by hand following the tradition of ceramicists and potters of Spain, are in various colors and shapes inspired by and copies of the tiles found in the Alhambra …

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News in Lamps and lanterns, ceramics, lattices, mirrors, furniture We share new decorative elements in Arabic and Moroccan style, above all, to decorate the interior of the home, providing handmade items to give color, joy and originality, all with ornamental elements of excellent finish and originality for the interior and exterior furniture of your home. …


Online Shop for Arabic Decoration and Moroccan Handicraft, India, Turkish

Welcome to our Online Shop about Arab Decoration and Moroccan Handicrafts, we have a great variety of natural products of Arab, ethnic, Indian and Oriental decoration and handicrafts. Cheap online decoration items to decorate your home, buy quality Arab handicrafts exported from Morocco, India and the Middle East made of various materials such as wood, …

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Arab Decoration, Summer Novelties.

Arabian Decoration, new for the summer Indian ethnic furniture, vintage style Indian lamps, lattice lamps, lanterns, lTeapots, glasses, tea sets Summer novelties to decorate your home in ethnic Hindu style, remastered in vintage style with boots, chests, carved trays, coat racks using mango wood with floral or geoemetric motifs in white pickled to the current …

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Novelties in decoration and arabic crafts

novelties in Arab decoration and Moroccan crafts, Indian lamps, Oriental perfumes, teapots, tea glasses, silver trays, sugar bowls, Moroccan ceramics, ethnic jewelery,

andalusian arabic ceramics

Andalusian Arabic Pottery

Spanish Andalusian pottery. The ceramic production made in al-Andalus during the Muslim period and a short one after the conquest of the Kingdom of Granada is known by this name, in which Andalusian influences are still spotted. Their main appeal can be found in the elegant shapes of the vessels, in their glazing, in the …

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arab lamps

Arabic and Moroccan lamps, lanterns

Home decoration with Arabian lamps and lanterns Decoracion Arabe presents you the most suitable decoration for each space in your home. You can give yourself the pleasure of seducing, with color and exoticism, the illumination of your home with Arab, Moroccan lanterns, beautifully handcrafted; both inside and outside, giving a sense of Oriental refinement. Made …

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wooden andalusian lattices


—— Artistic lattices with Arabic designs, floral or geometric motifs are part of the Arab/Indian culture and tradition. Throughout the East they have been used to cover interior spaces with lattices, be it on balconies that face the exterior, windows, space separating screens Lattices create decorative and functional spaces that adorn palaces, mosques and mansions …


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