Morocco Medina Tetouan painting

Slipper street, Tetouan, Morocco, Mariano Bertuchi, Digital Reproduction.


Moroccan painting.

Morocco light and color painting

The digital reproduction of the paintings of Mariano Bertuchi who lived a large part of his life, mid-twentieth century, in Tetouan, Morocco, faithfully reflects the light, color and customs of the Maghreb country.

Watercolor paper measurements: 39 cm x 49 cm.

Prints, posters, digital reproductions of the painter from Granada Mariano Bertuchi, Moroccan manners theme.

His passion for light and its colors, his passion for Moroccan culture, his way of bringing to painting the daily scenes of a country as close as it is exotic to us, made Mariano Bertuchi the great customs painter of Morocco, from the early 20th century XX. His work, which is an icon of the western vision of North Africa.

Africanist painter, of Spanish origin, Granada, early twentieth century. Strong sensations for colorful environments with exotic customs and seductive ways of life.

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