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Arabic furniture and Moroccan Crafts


Here you can buy tables and bedside tables, made of hand-painted wood, octagonal tables painted in an artisan way, tables with Moroccan tea trays, mosaic tables of different colors and sizes, ideal for the outside, terrace or garden, chairs and armchairs of wrought iron, perfect for the exterior and garden. We also provide you with the best moroccan wrought iron screens (with three or four leaves) perfect for outdoors, or to create an ethnic and vibrant space inside the house, paired with Indian screens and Indian teak tables. Our products are elaborated with the most authentic arabic and oriental style, specially made. decorate the interior of your home. Master design. You can buy our products online from our artisan providers or you can order the furniture you want from us in case that we don’t have it and we will bring it to you in a short period of time.

Moroccan, Arab mosaic and wrought iron tables for gardens and exteriors.

“Moroccan and Arabic crafts” produce these high quality mosaic tables for the outdoors with a perfect and delghtful finish. The thickness of the mosaic plate is 3 cm, surrounded by a wrought iron plate that serves as a support. The legs are product of handcrafted forging.

We bring you the most authentic Arabic style out there for the decoration of your terrace, garden, exterior, with our special Moroccan and Arabic mosaic tables, all paired with wrought iron chairs and armchairs, aimed specially to create a charming, high spirited and appealing corner to eat with your family and best friends or simply to enjoy your special place.

These captivating Moroccan tables are presented either round or rectangular. The colors can be in a mixed color palette: blue and white, beige and white, green and white, burgundy and white, multi-color, blue and pistachio, etc. The measurements of the round tables range from 80 cm in diameter to 140 cm.

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