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Do you want to decorate your home with Arabic decoration and Arabic handcrafts?

You are on the right web to buy online the best opportunities in Moroccan, Indian, Turkish, Syrian and India handicrafts.

We are dedicated to the decoration of your home with Arab and Oriental handicrafts.


To introduce Arabic decoration in a balanced way is to give a touch of originality to our environments and a little peace to our daily lives. The inherent complexity of Arabic decoration can become a discreet and simple type of decoration when colors and shapes are combined in a measured way. It must be taken into account that the desired climate in these spaces, whether they are exterior or interior, must be accompanied by the aromas typical of this millenary culture. Wooden censers, antique silver or nickel silver decorative elements, screens and sheer curtains are some of the elements with which you can provide that touch of authenticity that you need.

If you want to decorate your home, your premises or any environment with Arabic style, you are on the appropriate website, in this space you will find the best opportunities in Moroccan, Indian, Turkish, Syrian and Nepalese crafts.

Our articles are handcrafted pieces that combine materials, shapes and colors in perfect harmony, creating cozy and unique spaces, both inside and outside of your home.

We have a wide range of oriental products, starting with home decoration, such as leather crafts, ceramics, jewelry, sculptures and paintings, tea making, beauty products, inlaid boxes, Indian and Arabic clothing and a lot more of articles that will captivate you.

In Arab Decoration we put at your disposal all those Arab and oriental handicrafts that you cannot find at street level, we will help you create that environment you want by giving color and ethnic intimacy to the spaces of your home, all of course with articles of excellent quality and finish and with personal attention always ready to advise and answer your questions.

Our experience makes us leaders in our sector, since we have a history of more than 14 years of dedication to our clients selling crafts online.

This way we bring unique pieces to your home at the best prices on the market.

Moroccan crafts are highly valued in all countries of the world since they are unique products, of good quality and at a spectacular price, so they constitute one of the hallmarks of differentiation of this country.

To achieve that style so sought after today, there are many items with which you can turn your home into a scene of the thousand and one nights. Among these elements, the most prominent are:


Rugs are that essential decorative items that can make anyone warm and relaxed. In our space we offer you traditional and ethnic rugs and kilims from the Berber tribes of Morocco, made by hand on wooden looms, of wool and natural dyes, as well as leather rugs from the Tuareg tribes of Niger.


In Arabic Decoration you will have a wide variety of furniture at your fingertips, you can get Moroccan living rooms with the golden, silver, alpaca, wrought iron, mosaic and brass mirrors, and the painted wood coffee tables, tea tables with wooden legs. wood, Moroccan leather puff of all colors, wrought iron screens to separate various environments, as well as wooden lattices for walls, headboards, windows, etc.

Your house is so important inside as well as the outside of it, that is why in Arabic Decoration we have a wide variety of outdoor furniture, such as wrought iron standing tables or mosaic tables combined with chairs of various styles, Arabic sources , jars, handmade esparto stools, all combined with taste will make your terrace or garden a cozy and unique place.


Crafts are one of the fundamental pillars and protagonists in the art of this country, on our website we suggest Indian decoration, both in Hindu lamps, tables, textiles, tapestries and patchwork cushions. Every product that we have is made in India.


In this section you will find Arabic style lamps, Turkish and Indian lamps made by hand in various materials such as leather, brass and glass. You can get Arabic lanterns, large lamps, Moroccan wall lights, candle holders, lanterns, etc. In short, we help you to illuminate any space in your home or premises such as a restaurant, hotel, tea shop, both indoors and outdoors, giving it a suggestive and colorful touch of Moroccan Arabic design.


If you like the world of tea we offer teapots, trays, Moroccan and Arabic glasses, teas and decoration of tearooms to make you enjoy all the flavors.


Handmade leather items such as handmade backpacks with an ethnic, Moroccan air, such as slippers, sandals, leather belts and above all we stand out for the variety of bags for women and men completely handmade in leather of different colors,

We also offer you “cordobanes” and “guadamecíes”: artistic leather in sheepskin or goat skin, tanned and dyed.


Ceramics are also one of the most important pillars of Arab crafts and interior design. You will find Andalusian Arabic ceramics inspired by the forms, colors and techniques of Muslim Spain with two variants, Nasrid and Andalusian, as well as Moroccan ceramics. Any ceramic piece found on our website has the stamp of originality and exclusivity, since thanks to the artisanal elaboration it makes the result unique and unrepeatable.

Arabic ceramics stand out for their rich and colorful decoration, whose base are geometric figures.

In Arabic Decoration we put at your disposal pieces of Nasrid ceramics, plasterwork from the Alhambra, Arabic ceramic plates, Moroccan tiles, Andalusian Arab mosaics, Andalusian ceramics, all of them with exquisite taste and with the stamp of exclusivity.


An inlaid piece will always be a very special gift and work of art. We have Egyptian and Syrian boxes, trunks and jewelers, even table sets made with this traditional Arabic marquetry technique, perfect to decorate any room.


In our Art section you can buy engravings made by orientalist and Moroccan painters, posters, sheets of geometric mandalas and araba geometry notebooks, perfect for a special gift.


We send to all the countries of Europe and the USA, to the rest of the countries you can consult us via mail or WhatsApp

For shipping to countries not listed please contact us


1.- Notify the return during the 2 days following the arrival of the order.

2.- The merchandise must be returned in perfect condition.

3.- The merchandise must arrive within the following seven days (if the order has been sent within Spain) to its notification of return. If the return shipment is delayed, reserves the right to reject the return.

Once the merchandise has been received and after checking it, the amount will be returned (excluding shipping costs), or the exchange for another identical item or to an agreement between both parties.

If the reason for the return is a factory defect or a poor condition in any of the items in your order, Arab Decoration is responsible for all the costs derived from the delivery to the customer of a new item with identical characteristics to the one purchased .

If you do not like the item, the customer is responsible for the return costs, once the returned item is received, we will pay you the amount of your order


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